Gap Filla

Prime: First Coat for EVA Foam

Gap Filla for EVA Foam

Gap Filla: is an easy-to-apply, non-toxic, sandable/wet sandable, flexible professional gap filler for EVA foam. Designed to fill in cracks, gaps, and seams, and also to build up edges, transitions, and shapes.

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• For best results stir to de-gas.
• Dop not freeze product.
• Make sure surface is free of dust, dirt, and oil.
• Best way to apply is with a palette knife.
• Apply in moderate temperature 60˚f to 80˚f (15˚c to 25˚c)
• Can be smoothed out with a wet finger.
• Dries in 1-24 hours depending on depth
• Wait till Gap Filla is fully dry before sanding.
• Wait 12 to 24 hours before wet sanding.