Fine Finish

Prime: First Coat for EVA Foam

Fine Finish: for EVA Foam

Fine Finish adds a strong, sandable and wet-sandable surface to EVA foam. It's a nontoxic, VOC free, brush-on, acrylic-based filler and contains very fine-sized particles for professional results. It's designed to brush on flat to reduce sanding time. Bonds well, dries fairly quickly, is flexible, and is very easy to sand. For best results use Rapid Fill first before applying Fine Finish. For best results for wet-sanding, 3 to 4 coats are needed.

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• Brush on thin coats with soft, fine-hair brush.
• Sandable after 30 minutes.
• Can be wet-sanded after 24 hrs (3-4 coats needed for wet-sanding).
• If product becomes too thick, add a few drops of water and stir.
• Clean brush with soap & water or rubbing alcohol.
• For best results fill in EVA foam pores with PRIME or Rapid Fill first.
• Fully cures after 24 hrs. Wear dust mask when sanding.

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